Welcome To My World!

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Welcome To My World…

In my world nothing is impossible, but not everything is permissible.

I was raised very conservative as a female yet very liberal minded, as an individual.

In my world, everything is mutable and is always full of colors, that only I can interpret.

Even when I consider something to be a mess, it is always in order and is easily identified by my instincts first. After my instinct identifies the issue, then logic and common sense begin to analyze and dice the situation, and therefore, decisions are made on my part, as best I can.

Whatever decision I may apply to the issue, I can guarantee you one thing…

My preferred solution is always based on damage prevention and encourage hope for the future.

I do not float on pink clouds, which simply means denial and laziness in my opinion.

I have always believed, that if poison enters your heart, mind and soul, then there is no authentic antidote, which  can be used to heal your broken heart, fragmented mind or tormented soul! .

In my world, if poison has been injected by a random predicament, then the only action to take is, to bleed it out! For that, you have to become brave,  braver than you have ever been!

The circumstances may vary but the solution is always the same…

It is not about being in control all the time. It’s about being flexible, compliant, forgiving, pliable; understanding of others, as well as yourself.

Becoming receptive and learning about a higher level of wisdom, which by the way, is not the same as knowledge!

It is about knowing yourself intimately.

I believe there are four parts to intimacy, that need to be respected by their hosts.

They are: Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual.

It is four different factors, that one must never forget. Once you can identify them, every scenario becomes much easier to define and each color becomes vividly visible.

Sure, of course I have bad days!

I have had such bad days and too many in a row, that I actually considered the possibility of being in a coma. Perhaps, the horrific days were nothing more than just nightmares.

I used to tell myself…”I will wake up soon.”

However, that ‘soon’ never came, unless it was for the purpose of exchanging one bad dream for another!

It has been said that being born is the hardest thing we can do in life.

Perhaps! Yet, no one has real proof, so instead of challenging that, I will add to it instead…

“Being born is the hardest thing we can do in life;

Dying is the easiest; Surviving is the perpetual affliction of torment.”

I know that sounded gloomy and you are probably wondering, how can I help anyone with that kind of thinking?

If you are asking yourself that question, that means, you did not absorb what you read in the beginning. That is another common mistake that most people commit.

They do and do, but never understand why they do, what they do!

I will end here with a Thank You, for your interest in my services.

If nothing more than that, then I will accept the thought of having entertained your mind and having you re-read, what you just read…

Looking forward to helping you, help yourself.


Latia Del Riviero


If interested in knowing more about me, here is a link to an interview by Philippe Matthews Blog Radio, as well as an article. The access to the blog radio is right underneath the picture. Enjoy!


Author: Latia Del Riviero

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