” Secrecy”

Have you ever heard someone tell you a secret, then follow it with a command ‘But don’t tell anyone!’ ?

You agree then find out later that he or she has told everyone in the whole city about it?

I used to get sucked in by that bullshit until I realized that it was all a ploy to get me to participate in the drama. Women are specially very good at this style of Bull-shitting. It’s no more than bait to get you involved. This is highly annoying to someone like me, who is very non- chaotic and loaths drama!

However, if that is what you like, then you need to know a few things about how to handle the bullshit, when it plugs up the toilet…

1- Profile the person telling you the secret.

2- Protect yourself with a disclaimer.

When they tell you ” Don’t tell anyone ” You must reply that you are not responsible for what they are about to tell you or have told you. Even after the fact, you should never commit or guarantee that their secret is completely safe with you. Why? Because if the other dumb asses that listened to him or her the first time decides to blab, he or she can blame it all on you. The good thing about doing that is, you will not have to put up with being a punching bag for that person.

3- Provide yourself an escape from the trap. If you come to your senses sooner than later and realize the bait is being dangled, you need to excuse yourself from the conversation politely. Nature’s call is very effective but cannot always assure you of escape. You might need to be creative with a better excuse but if too proud, then go ahead and be rude. You will see that being honest and rude does not pay.

Depending on how much you enjoy the drama, and how much you like that person will determine how much and what you will put up with! This is why you need to be ahead of the game… Do you or that person even know the real meaning of the word ‘Secrecy’?

If not, here is the definition:

1. the state or quality of being secret

2. the state of keeping something secret

3. the ability or tendency to keep things secret

Think about this for a moment… If that person really wanted to keep that information a secret, then why are they telling you? Is it because they really feel that they can trust you? Do they really need your approval or guidance? Do they even really care to get advice from you?


Maybe not!

Maybe you are just another body of energy they can suck dry for that moment. It’s one thing to open up about feelings and situations but it’s another to be exposing personal secrets then hold you responsible for it. If they cannot keep the secrecy themselves, they why are you expected to do it?

No, my friends… Don’t fall into the trap of that person who is an energy vampire.

I know you are nodding your head as you read this, because you have known quite a few energy vampires. Right?

Women trap men and other women with this as well! These energy vampires will take any victim regardless of gender. They actually prefer to drain females. I think it’s because females have more empathy. Females sympathize much easier than men do.

I could go on about this but I won’t. I am no longer giving all of my expertise away for free, as this took years for me to analyze and process accordingly, to whereas I am able to offer guidance to those in  need. It took many years of studying the mind, body and soul. Hence, if you like what you have read on my website, then I dare you to dare yourself…

Convert yourself into a ‘Mental Architect’. Let’s build on new life experiences together, empowering you in ways you have never thought possible.


Author: Latia Del Riviero

Please refer to my Introduction page for more information...

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