” Living by example “


Once you realize that you can change the way you feel simply by looking at something in a different way, it’s quite empowering. I suggest you try to focus on how you feel as a result of what you think. Stay positive!

When unexpected opportunities arise to be there for someone, seize the moment and claim it as a victory…

A feeling of overwhelming negativity  will always pass, if you keep an open mind and press on. Even if it seems like there is no end in sight, remember, “this too shall pass.” You don’t even need to fake a positive attitude, just be open to things turning around for you. If you are doing the best you can do–that is all you can ask from yourself.

With the right choices, you can really enhance your life and of those around you. Always go with your instincts but let logic lead the way.

Always Be yourself, accept others for who they are and don’t force the process. You’ll know when to go deeper when the right connection is made.

Cast fear aside and hold on to your ‘Codes of Virtues’.

Remember the saying; “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” This is very important for staying safe around nasty people. Always find a common interest, smooth out tensions and take the initiative to stay on their good side. It is not being fake. Perhaps, a tad bit manipulative, but as long as you are being sincere about what you say and your actions match, then why would anyone argue your efforts about getting along with others?

They will notice your positive energy and want to be around you. Use that opportunity to spark excitement in others. Perhaps, get others involved in a project that could help yourself and them…

The ability to inspire or motivate others will be rewarding, so if you can use this to your advantage to help yourself and others, then do it without guilt.

If not, it’s always good to share your positive energy with others who could use a smile or encouragement to make their day.

Live and Lead by example, because if you believe that you were destined to do great things, then great things you shall do!


Author: Latia Del Riviero

Please refer to my Introduction page for more information...

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