” A few rules on how to control your emotions “

” A few Rules on how to ‘Control’ your Emotions “


There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to have control over your emotions, especially, when you know that you have a very sensitive nature.

With any decision making, it is a good idea to take more time to process or ponder something with any kind of  lasting impact on you or your loved ones! Always try to resist the urge to do something rash, even if others want you to be more involved than you already are. Being impetuous will always create an unpredictable and possibly a negative outcome.

Always consider the possibility of a few outsider’s insights and perspectives, which usually come from unlikely sources. However, this requires you to make the effort to create more intense and meaningful connections with others at a personal and/or professional level.

This is not easy!

Sometimes, feelings of jealousy and envy find their way into your heart and mind. When they do, and you get emotionally charged by someone who has something you really want or worse, has something you can never have, the jealousy or insecurities will pop their heads out. You will need to put them back into their cage as quickly as possible. Though envy is not as popular of a human emotion than jealousy is, you must remember the wonderful things you, yourself have achieved and take comfort that the next person, who has what you want, can serve you as the next Inspiration in your life! Use that, rather than hate, jealousy or envy!

We have all experienced those three devilish emotions… The best way to win the fight against those three negative emotions is to identify the feelings and be grateful for what you already worked hard for and achieved and think of the things you have in your life that you would never trade anything for!

Should any repetitive dysfunctional patterns begin to appear in your life, because you continue to do the same things that have not worked out for you in the past…

Like hanging on to your distracted thoughts could easily overshadow your logical thought process. That is when it is time to break the old habits and create new ones that are possibly out of your comfort zone!

You will surely feel insecure and possibly defensive, at the start… That is why it is called being out of your comfort zone. You must try to remember that constructive or professional critique is more valuable than your ego. Always try to take as much as you can get, with a sincere smile on your face and say Thank You. It’s tough not to take it personally but you must do your best to rise above that, and learn as much as you can!

Always, think for a moment, with a pause before reacting or saying something you could possibly regret later!

It is not easy!

However, it will save you a lot of regrets, shame, guilt and apologies in the future!  Controlling of the emotions that surge through us will take time. Try to be patient with yourself and don’t be ashamed to let people know that you are working on bettering yourself…



Author: Latia Del Riviero

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