” The Event in Red “

” The Event in Red “

(For my Intimacy Adv. clients)

RED Dress-elegant-woman-standing-on-the-edge-of-the-roof


The sound of my heels clicking as I walked into the living room was competing with the sound of his contagious laughter…

There he was, leaning back against the ensuite bar, dressed in his black tuxedo. He looked like James Bond in the flesh, with a freshly poured drink in his hand, laughing joyfully, without a care in the world! How I wanted to engulf him into my arms right there and then but I had a mission to accomplish tonight and there was nothing that could deter me from doing so! I kept my focus and just kept walking until I got closer to him.

“What in the world is so funny that you are about to have a heart attack from laughing?”     I asked jokingly.

“You!” He said as he took a sip of his drink. “You made that rich son of a bitch look like a total fucking idiot! He bloody well-deserved it. I wish you had kept going! Where was a camera when I needed one?”

“Now, Mister… Didn’t your parents ever tell you not to gloat over such things and to never be haughty?”

“Actually, Yes, they did ma’am. I normally don’t  lose my control in public but what you did, should earn you an Oscar!”

I couldn’t help look him over and get naughty ideas, but like I said, I must stay focused on the mission!

“Thank You for the compliment, but I really didn’t think much of the conversation and that man was a bug itching me to terminate his existence!”

My feet were tired, so I pulled one of the Bar chairs and told him I needed to sit for a moment. We remained in silence as we both looked into each other’s eyes… but I needed to get moving! He helped me off the chair with his Gentleman manners and again I thanked him.

I proceeded to walk away but decided to turn around and ask him, “So, Mister, What would you like to see me change into for round two?”

He gave me the brightest and widest smile and replied, “Blood Red?”

I giggled and nodded then began to head into one of the rooms I used as my main Change Room.”You want The Lady in Red?”I asked him teasingly.

“Yes, Correct again Ma’am!”

“Well, Mister, It will cost you big and I always collect!”

“I can and will pay you right here and right now if you wish this ‘Mrs’.”

“Nah…I will take it in installments. Do you know why? that way I can collect interest. That is how you do good business!” I then noticed that he was not making any sounds nor did he comment on what I had just said. It was strange until I noticed that I am totally naked and was in the middle of changing right in front of a Japanese style door, which would have shown the whole silhouette of my entire body. I just giggled inside myself. He deserved some eye candy!

I made sure he heard me walking with my heels into the main room. I walked towards him very slowly so that his eyes could feast on me. “Who do you say I am now, Mister?”

“You, ‘Mrs’ is the Event in Red tonight. You are absolutely stunning and majestic looking! A real Queen to behold… May I kiss you?”

“Mister, Rule number six is No Kissing with lipstick on!” I replied with a seductive grin on my face. “However, you have been a perfect gentleman and I think you deserve a little Thank You.” I did not wait too long before I stepped closer to him. Our lips were almost touching and I could sense his member growing by the way he was breathing. I don’t have much time to play with him, but he deserves to know that I want him as much as he does me.

I began softly smelling him around his ears, nose, and mouth… While looking into his eyes, I slowly undid his belt and pulled out the white shirt he had properly tucked in. I then very slowly unbuttoned his shirt from the third button down and opened it nice and wide… I slowly looked at what was before my eyes and I smiled at him.

I slid my hand very gently from the front of his rock hard abdominals to his lower back and back to the front again… He closed his eyes and was rocking his body against mine. It was exciting and passionate but I was running out of time. I wanted him to feel what I felt and I accomplished that, so I thought the best teaser and cliffhanger would be to continue using my tender hands to caress his upper body. I began using my long fingernails to slightly scratch his skin, just enough to heighten the sensations he was already feeling.

I finished by running my fingers through his hair and whispering “Mister, I did say you may not kiss me on the lips, but you certainly may kiss me in other places”…                           I took his hands and placed them on my waistline, prior to turning myself around so that my backside could be right up against him.

I took his hands and placed them on my waistline, prior to turning myself around so that my backside could be right up against him.

The Red Dress was designed with a very low cut in the back and had a choker type of collar that could easily be unfastened. I did so and instructed him to start kissing me from my neck down to the bottom of where the cut of the dress stops. He was amazingly great at using his instincts, on what spot on my back to kiss and not once did his hands wonder off my shoulders and arms!

Unfortunately, it was now time to go and complete my mission. I led his hands back to the top of my shoulders and he knew exactly what it meant… Once again, we stared into each other’s eyes knowing exactly what had to be accomplished before the night was over.

His hands dropped down to touch mine which he held for a moment before letting go…

To be continued…


Author: Latia Del Riviero

Please refer to my Introduction page for more information...

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