” A few rules on how to control your emotions “

” A few Rules on how to ‘Control’ your Emotions “


There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to have control over your emotions, especially, when you know that you have a very sensitive nature.

With any decision making, it is a good idea to take more time to process or ponder something with any kind of  lasting impact on you or your loved ones! Always try to resist the urge to do something rash, even if others want you to be more involved than you already are. Being impetuous will always create an unpredictable and possibly a negative outcome.

Always consider the possibility of a few outsider’s insights and perspectives, which usually come from unlikely sources. However, this requires you to make the effort to create more intense and meaningful connections with others at a personal and/or professional level.

This is not easy!

Sometimes, feelings of jealousy and envy find their way into your heart and mind. When they do, and you get emotionally charged by someone who has something you really want or worse, has something you can never have, the jealousy or insecurities will pop their heads out. You will need to put them back into their cage as quickly as possible. Though envy is not as popular of a human emotion than jealousy is, you must remember the wonderful things you, yourself have achieved and take comfort that the next person, who has what you want, can serve you as the next Inspiration in your life! Use that, rather than hate, jealousy or envy!

We have all experienced those three devilish emotions… The best way to win the fight against those three negative emotions is to identify the feelings and be grateful for what you already worked hard for and achieved and think of the things you have in your life that you would never trade anything for!

Should any repetitive dysfunctional patterns begin to appear in your life, because you continue to do the same things that have not worked out for you in the past…

Like hanging on to your distracted thoughts could easily overshadow your logical thought process. That is when it is time to break the old habits and create new ones that are possibly out of your comfort zone!

You will surely feel insecure and possibly defensive, at the start… That is why it is called being out of your comfort zone. You must try to remember that constructive or professional critique is more valuable than your ego. Always try to take as much as you can get, with a sincere smile on your face and say Thank You. It’s tough not to take it personally but you must do your best to rise above that, and learn as much as you can!

Always, think for a moment, with a pause before reacting or saying something you could possibly regret later!

It is not easy!

However, it will save you a lot of regrets, shame, guilt and apologies in the future!  Controlling of the emotions that surge through us will take time. Try to be patient with yourself and don’t be ashamed to let people know that you are working on bettering yourself…



” Rules for Happiness Part Two “

5 Rules for Happiness

I may have sounded negative in Part One but you will see here, that I had to approach it from that direction, in order to make you see this part clearly. Again, to me, ‘Happiness’ is only a momentary emotion that we can feel, but it then leaves quickly. Joy is the real thing that we want and it is possible to achieve that and keep it.

Here are the real meaning of what those five rules are speaking of…

  • Give more:   This means, you will not stop giving whatever it is that others may need in terms of help. If you have the power to help then you must do so! No option. It is a focus and a mission

  • Live simply:   This means, you will remain humble and not complain. You must be strong and do the best you can, without complaining and remain humble at all costs.

  • Free your mind from worry:   This means having faith that things will work out, the way it is supposed to! Realizing that you have no control over the situation and that no matter what outcome, you will stay positive and be appreciative that it was not any worse.

  • Free your heart from hatred:   This means you must forgive at all costs! As I said before, none of this is easy and it will challenge you to no end! To forgive someone, it means, never having to bring up the offence. It means, you cannot plot to avenge yourself or go to sleep thinking about the offence and how you can straighten the offender out. The offence must be completely, eradicated from that person’s list of mistakes.

  • Expect less:   This means expect nothing in return, when you help others. Expect  nothing from anyone. You will never be disappointed… A gift is a gift. It is not a gift if you are wanting some sort of compensation.  If you give in order to receive, then that would be called manipulation. These Five rules to Happiness as you now see, is incredibly difficult, perhaps, even impossible to achieve. Just make sure that you are not in any form of denial. It is worth a good try. After all, what can you lose?

” Rules for Happiness “

5 Rules for Happiness

Let’s face it, we all want to be happy and if the 5 rules above could really help us achieve happiness, then why would we not follow them?

Most of us know these five rules are not so easy to follow! Personally, I don’t believe that happiness is real. Why? because if happiness was real then it would be a lasting thing. I believe in Joy. Joy is real and for an individual, I can do 4 out of 5 of them, no problem! It took me years to understand how and trained myself until I lost just about all I had! It was worth it… Today, I live 80% content.

Joy is real and for an individual, who has gone through hell and back, I can only believe in an emotion based on my personal experiences and of those many people, who I have had the pleasure to work with and observe. I dove deep into the many minds of the people I knew, to find out what the word happiness really meant for them!

In my professional opinion, Happiness can and will never be achieved in this world we live in…

However, during my research, experiments, and search for it, I found out about the emotion called ‘Joy’. This word my friends exists and can easily be attained, if you so desire it. Joy is the closest thing to happiness that you will ever find if that is what you really want. I stated in paragraph three, that I live 80% content. Content is good because it is a state of mind, that you can keep and maintain. Being content leads to feeling Joy within and maybe allow you to feel Happiness for a very brief and fleeting moment.I said brief, because it is like the wind. You feel it for a minute or two, then wham! it is gone. I am okay with that fake emotion and word, that our predessessors convinced us to believe. If you don’t know any better and don’t care to know what is real and what is not, then by all means, please stay in that make believe world and see how that works out for you!

I will explain the 5 Rules to you and see if you can understand how much work they involve…

Rule #1)  Free your heart from hatred…  Really? How do you propose to do that, when you are surrounded with Hate so deep, women are getting raped, cops being killed, people getting beheaded, murders on a daily basis and then some? Tell me! Let me guess, your answer would be to ignore and/or deny what is really going on in the world and concentrate only on yourself and your loved ones, right? That my friends, will not free your heart from hatred. It will make you stupider than you are already! Yes, you read it right. Stupider.

Rule #2)  Free your mind from worries…  Really? Another thing that affirms the first rule. Again, the only way would be your way, ‘Deny’ and ‘Ignore’ what is all around you, until it happens to you or your loved ones… Then you will wake up and find out, how hatred and worries were hand in hand, waiting for you to wake up!

Rule #3)  Live simply…  Now, I am laughing even harder…  You think that by not wearing make-up, not buying expensive clothes, not driving a good car and not going out to the clubs or hanging out with friends, is living simply? Wrong!

Rule #4)  Give more…  Yes, give all your used clothes and shoes away, your old tools, books and other garbage that you never really wanted anymore anyway! That is not what it means, you selfish moron!

Rule #5)  Expect less…  Wrong again. this doesn’t mean expect less because people are less valuable than you.

I am coming across antagonistically for a reason. I want to wake you up and get you thinking. I want you to use your brain and try to figure this puzzle out! I have a plan… How about I let you guys think about it and I will come back with a Part two on this topic?

Before I go, I want to say a few more words that contain some hints. Let’s see if this helps…

“Hearing” but not “listening” closely enough is a huge problem for most humans. When it comes to communications with those who are most important to us, it takes some amount of fully engaged listening to support the relationship. There is a big difference between hearing and actually listening with the intent of understanding them better. Hearing with your heart a little more than your brain will ease conflicts and assure a better relationship of any type. Too many people like to look as though they care about what you are saying, when all along, they can’t wait for you to stop talking because they have been busy thinking about what they want to tell you. Sound familiar?

Stay tuned for Part Two…

” Living by example “


Once you realize that you can change the way you feel simply by looking at something in a different way, it’s quite empowering. I suggest you try to focus on how you feel as a result of what you think. Stay positive!

When unexpected opportunities arise to be there for someone, seize the moment and claim it as a victory…

A feeling of overwhelming negativity  will always pass, if you keep an open mind and press on. Even if it seems like there is no end in sight, remember, “this too shall pass.” You don’t even need to fake a positive attitude, just be open to things turning around for you. If you are doing the best you can do–that is all you can ask from yourself.

With the right choices, you can really enhance your life and of those around you. Always go with your instincts but let logic lead the way.

Always Be yourself, accept others for who they are and don’t force the process. You’ll know when to go deeper when the right connection is made.

Cast fear aside and hold on to your ‘Codes of Virtues’.

Remember the saying; “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” This is very important for staying safe around nasty people. Always find a common interest, smooth out tensions and take the initiative to stay on their good side. It is not being fake. Perhaps, a tad bit manipulative, but as long as you are being sincere about what you say and your actions match, then why would anyone argue your efforts about getting along with others?

They will notice your positive energy and want to be around you. Use that opportunity to spark excitement in others. Perhaps, get others involved in a project that could help yourself and them…

The ability to inspire or motivate others will be rewarding, so if you can use this to your advantage to help yourself and others, then do it without guilt.

If not, it’s always good to share your positive energy with others who could use a smile or encouragement to make their day.

Live and Lead by example, because if you believe that you were destined to do great things, then great things you shall do!

” Secrecy”

Have you ever heard someone tell you a secret, then follow it with a command ‘But don’t tell anyone!’ ?

You agree then find out later that he or she has told everyone in the whole city about it?

I used to get sucked in by that bullshit until I realized that it was all a ploy to get me to participate in the drama. Women are specially very good at this style of Bull-shitting. It’s no more than bait to get you involved. This is highly annoying to someone like me, who is very non- chaotic and loaths drama!

However, if that is what you like, then you need to know a few things about how to handle the bullshit, when it plugs up the toilet…

1- Profile the person telling you the secret.

2- Protect yourself with a disclaimer.

When they tell you ” Don’t tell anyone ” You must reply that you are not responsible for what they are about to tell you or have told you. Even after the fact, you should never commit or guarantee that their secret is completely safe with you. Why? Because if the other dumb asses that listened to him or her the first time decides to blab, he or she can blame it all on you. The good thing about doing that is, you will not have to put up with being a punching bag for that person.

3- Provide yourself an escape from the trap. If you come to your senses sooner than later and realize the bait is being dangled, you need to excuse yourself from the conversation politely. Nature’s call is very effective but cannot always assure you of escape. You might need to be creative with a better excuse but if too proud, then go ahead and be rude. You will see that being honest and rude does not pay.

Depending on how much you enjoy the drama, and how much you like that person will determine how much and what you will put up with! This is why you need to be ahead of the game… Do you or that person even know the real meaning of the word ‘Secrecy’?

If not, here is the definition:

1. the state or quality of being secret

2. the state of keeping something secret

3. the ability or tendency to keep things secret

Think about this for a moment… If that person really wanted to keep that information a secret, then why are they telling you? Is it because they really feel that they can trust you? Do they really need your approval or guidance? Do they even really care to get advice from you?


Maybe not!

Maybe you are just another body of energy they can suck dry for that moment. It’s one thing to open up about feelings and situations but it’s another to be exposing personal secrets then hold you responsible for it. If they cannot keep the secrecy themselves, they why are you expected to do it?

No, my friends… Don’t fall into the trap of that person who is an energy vampire.

I know you are nodding your head as you read this, because you have known quite a few energy vampires. Right?

Women trap men and other women with this as well! These energy vampires will take any victim regardless of gender. They actually prefer to drain females. I think it’s because females have more empathy. Females sympathize much easier than men do.

I could go on about this but I won’t. I am no longer giving all of my expertise away for free, as this took years for me to analyze and process accordingly, to whereas I am able to offer guidance to those in  need. It took many years of studying the mind, body and soul. Hence, if you like what you have read on my website, then I dare you to dare yourself…

Convert yourself into a ‘Mental Architect’. Let’s build on new life experiences together, empowering you in ways you have never thought possible.

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