” Rules for Happiness “

5 Rules for Happiness

Let’s face it, we all want to be happy and if the 5 rules above could really help us achieve happiness, then why would we not follow them?

Most of us know these five rules are not so easy to follow! Personally, I don’t believe that happiness is real. Why? because if happiness was real then it would be a lasting thing. I believe in Joy. Joy is real and for an individual, I can do 4 out of 5 of them, no problem! It took me years to understand how and trained myself until I lost just about all I had! It was worth it… Today, I live 80% content.

Joy is real and for an individual, who has gone through hell and back, I can only believe in an emotion based on my personal experiences and of those many people, who I have had the pleasure to work with and observe. I dove deep into the many minds of the people I knew, to find out what the word happiness really meant for them!

In my professional opinion, Happiness can and will never be achieved in this world we live in…

However, during my research, experiments, and search for it, I found out about the emotion called ‘Joy’. This word my friends exists and can easily be attained, if you so desire it. Joy is the closest thing to happiness that you will ever find if that is what you really want. I stated in paragraph three, that I live 80% content. Content is good because it is a state of mind, that you can keep and maintain. Being content leads to feeling Joy within and maybe allow you to feel Happiness for a very brief and fleeting moment.I said brief, because it is like the wind. You feel it for a minute or two, then wham! it is gone. I am okay with that fake emotion and word, that our predessessors convinced us to believe. If you don’t know any better and don’t care to know what is real and what is not, then by all means, please stay in that make believe world and see how that works out for you!

I will explain the 5 Rules to you and see if you can understand how much work they involve…

Rule #1)  Free your heart from hatred…  Really? How do you propose to do that, when you are surrounded with Hate so deep, women are getting raped, cops being killed, people getting beheaded, murders on a daily basis and then some? Tell me! Let me guess, your answer would be to ignore and/or deny what is really going on in the world and concentrate only on yourself and your loved ones, right? That my friends, will not free your heart from hatred. It will make you stupider than you are already! Yes, you read it right. Stupider.

Rule #2)  Free your mind from worries…  Really? Another thing that affirms the first rule. Again, the only way would be your way, ‘Deny’ and ‘Ignore’ what is all around you, until it happens to you or your loved ones… Then you will wake up and find out, how hatred and worries were hand in hand, waiting for you to wake up!

Rule #3)  Live simply…  Now, I am laughing even harder…  You think that by not wearing make-up, not buying expensive clothes, not driving a good car and not going out to the clubs or hanging out with friends, is living simply? Wrong!

Rule #4)  Give more…  Yes, give all your used clothes and shoes away, your old tools, books and other garbage that you never really wanted anymore anyway! That is not what it means, you selfish moron!

Rule #5)  Expect less…  Wrong again. this doesn’t mean expect less because people are less valuable than you.

I am coming across antagonistically for a reason. I want to wake you up and get you thinking. I want you to use your brain and try to figure this puzzle out! I have a plan… How about I let you guys think about it and I will come back with a Part two on this topic?

Before I go, I want to say a few more words that contain some hints. Let’s see if this helps…

“Hearing” but not “listening” closely enough is a huge problem for most humans. When it comes to communications with those who are most important to us, it takes some amount of fully engaged listening to support the relationship. There is a big difference between hearing and actually listening with the intent of understanding them better. Hearing with your heart a little more than your brain will ease conflicts and assure a better relationship of any type. Too many people like to look as though they care about what you are saying, when all along, they can’t wait for you to stop talking because they have been busy thinking about what they want to tell you. Sound familiar?

Stay tuned for Part Two…


Author: Latia Del Riviero

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