” Rules for Happiness Part Two “

5 Rules for Happiness

I may have sounded negative in Part One but you will see here, that I had to approach it from that direction, in order to make you see this part clearly. Again, to me, ‘Happiness’ is only a momentary emotion that we can feel, but it then leaves quickly. Joy is the real thing that we want and it is possible to achieve that and keep it.

Here are the real meaning of what those five rules are speaking of…

  • Give more:   This means, you will not stop giving whatever it is that others may need in terms of help. If you have the power to help then you must do so! No option. It is a focus and a mission

  • Live simply:   This means, you will remain humble and not complain. You must be strong and do the best you can, without complaining and remain humble at all costs.

  • Free your mind from worry:   This means having faith that things will work out, the way it is supposed to! Realizing that you have no control over the situation and that no matter what outcome, you will stay positive and be appreciative that it was not any worse.

  • Free your heart from hatred:   This means you must forgive at all costs! As I said before, none of this is easy and it will challenge you to no end! To forgive someone, it means, never having to bring up the offence. It means, you cannot plot to avenge yourself or go to sleep thinking about the offence and how you can straighten the offender out. The offence must be completely, eradicated from that person’s list of mistakes.

  • Expect less:   This means expect nothing in return, when you help others. Expect  nothing from anyone. You will never be disappointed… A gift is a gift. It is not a gift if you are wanting some sort of compensation.  If you give in order to receive, then that would be called manipulation. These Five rules to Happiness as you now see, is incredibly difficult, perhaps, even impossible to achieve. Just make sure that you are not in any form of denial. It is worth a good try. After all, what can you lose?


Author: Latia Del Riviero

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